Stranger dangers become very real


A concerned parent has issued a warning to all parents to make sure their children are mindful when they are out and possibly alone. This warning comes after a male tried to grab a 12 year old girl and her friend while chasing them as they stood by a bus stop in the B5000 area (next to Shire Leasings). Luckily the girls screamed as loud as they could forcing the man to ride away. This attempt at grabbing the girls happened around 4.45pm on Wednesday 21st June. The parent of one of the girls has described his daughter as understandably “very hysterical” after receiving a phone call from her telling him what happened.


The male, who had been telling young girls he was 14 years old is described to be closer to 20 years of age. During this incident he is known to have been wearing a black hooded top with white stripes down both sides, black bottoms and a black and red back pack. He was also riding a silver mountain bike. This man is known to hang around this particular bus stop on a regular basis.


We have been informed there is not much the police can do as the male never came into physical contact with these children. But it is still extremely important to make sure your children be aware of their surroundings and run, or like these girls did, scream, if they suspect anyone being out of the ordinary and possibly a danger to them. As the father has said “Be mindful and vigilant about where your kids are”.


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